Holy Trinity Anglican Church is a Parish of the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC) and is affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).  We uphold “the faith once delivered to the saints” as recorded in Holy Scripture and passed on to us through the ancient Church to the Church of in England, also known as the Anglican Church.

The 16th century English Reformation, unlike some Protestant movements, sought not so much to replace the medieval Roman Catholic Church, as to restore it to its Biblical and historical foundations. The standard of this reform was the teaching of Holy Scripture as understood and applied through the Tradition of the Church and holy reason. Its goal was to restore that Catholic faith and practice which had been held by all Christians for the first thousand years prior to the division of the Eastern and Western Church. Because of its ancient history, the Anglican Church was well positioned to revive and restore this ancient faith. Today, our Anglican heritage is evident in our liturgical worship, biblical teaching, evangelical preaching and loving fellowship.

As Anglicans, we are defenders of the Faith as well as defenders of freedom with regard to non-essentials. Our doctrines arise from the three catholic Creeds (Apostles’, Nicene, Athanasian), the 39 Articles of Religion, and The Book of Common Prayer. Beyond these essentials of the faith, we enjoy the freedoms offered through a conscience renewed by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

While our parishioner may hold varying views on the non-essential elements of the faith, the parish as a whole believes that it is our calling to bear witness of Christ the Redeemer as He is revealed in Holy Scripture.  In obedience to Holy Scripture, we seek first to conform our own lives to the Gospel of Christ and secondly, to bring those outside the Church into a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For a more concise understanding click link.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our worship services in Webster Groves / St. Louis.